Babar Ahmad

A blog about life, prison, war, heroes and survivors, books and Islam


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Babar Ahmad at his home in London in March 2016

I am a proud British Muslim from London. I was released in July 2015 after spending 11 years in prison in both the UK and the US. I am currently writing a book about my experience. In this blog I share my thoughts and reflections on life, prison, war, heroes and survivors, books, Islam and more. One more thing: I love dark chocolate but it has to be at least 60% cocoa. Any less doesn’t do it for me.

Read more about me in this interview that I gave to The Guardian newspaper in March 2016 here.

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  1. in the eighties i read a magazine and wanted to wear hijab. you wrote articles in it i cannot remember whether it was a magazine or a leaflet. i wrote to you telling you about my worries and you wrote back saying you used to wake up for tahajjud and used to have your quran by your arm as you studied.we both had exams, i suppose they were gcse’s but you helped me and gave me the advice that made me think more strongly about my faith. i used to live in croydon all those years ago. i wanted to say thank you as i never got to say it. i wondered when i used to hear your name if you were the same teenager who wrote articles for a muslim magazine aimed at youngsters.


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