Today, it is one calendar year since I returned home to my family on 13 July 2015 after 11 years in custody, after one of the most senior judges in America declared that I was not a terrorist.

When I was extradited in blindfolds and shackles to the United States in October 2012, my family was devastated. People were visiting my parents as if there had been a death in the family.

Theresa May, the new prime minister of Britain, was then the Home Secretary. She was also my Home Secretary and that of my family. My taxpaying family were paying her salary to stand up for me. Instead, Theresa May fought to extradite me to the US then publicly gloated after I was extradited.

Four days after my extradition, Theresa May spoke at the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday 9 October 2012. To the jeers and applause of the audience, she began her speech with the words:

“Wasn’t it great to say goodbye – at long last – to Abu Hamza and those four other terror suspects on Friday?”

In other words, she found it quite amusing what I and my family were going through. It begs the question whether she ordered my extradition for personal reasons.

So today I say to Theresa May:

“Given that it has been nearly four years since you made those childish remarks, I sure hope that you have matured enough to be fit for the office you now occupy.

It is not befitting for a person who holds public office to make official decisions for personal reasons. Just like a good mother should be a mother to all her children – the good, the bad and the ugly – a good leader should be a leader to all of his or her subjects.

Oh, and one more thing, Theresa: it sure was great to say hello to my family after so many years. 😉

You can read my full story in the interview I gave to The Guardian newspaper at

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