12 years ago today, on Thursday 5 August 2004, I made my last journey to work before I was arrested to spend the next 11 years of my life in prison.

The other day I was going through all my belongings from my life before prison when I found an “Oyster” London transport travel card.

I took it to the Underground station hoping that there might be some unused credit on there, but to my amazement I found something else when I clicked on the “Journey history” tab.

As shown in the journey history, my last journey to work was by London Underground from Tooting Broadway to South Kensington where I worked at Imperial College London. The journey ended at 10:42am on Thursday 5 August 2004.

But there never was a return journey. I was arrested outside the Science Museum in South Kensington later that day as I left Imperial College to walk to the Underground station.

It would be another 11 years before I returned home in July 2015.

The days leading up to my arrest show a normal routine of me commuting to and from work. In these days I was no idea that I was sleepwalking into a situation that would last 11 years and change my life forever.

Looking back, I can see that despite the pain, it changed my life for the better.

One unexpected event can change our lives forever. so we should always appreciate our blessings and be grateful for what we have because we never know when we might be deprived of them.

Read about why I went to prison in the interview I gave to The Guardian newspaper here.

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