Today I am going to take a break from writing a blog post because it is the blessed festival of Eid.

All praise be to Allah, this is already my fourth Eid with my family after being away from them in prison for 22 Eids.

Maybe you are alone this Eid, or wishing you had a father, mother, husband, wife, sibling, child, loved one, family or friend to celebrate Eid with?

If so, then spare a thought to those prisoners who will be celebrating Eid today in a solitary confinement cell whose size is four paces by two paces, like I did for two years.

No-one’s life is perfect and no-one has everything in life, even though Facebook may suggest otherwise. Whatever our personal struggles and challenges, let us be happy this day. We deserve it.

So whether you are celebrating Eid today or not, may Allah bless you and your families and friends with abundant joy and happiness.

From this caged bird that is now free: Eid Mubarak.

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