I came across this short but moving video clip the other day and felt compelled to share it.

It shows the reactions of children living in the besieged areas of Syria when volunteers surprise them with Eid gifts in the Eid that has just passed.

I don’t know who these volunteers are and this is not an endorsement of their charity but may Allah bless all those trying to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people.

When these children grow up, they probably won’t forget those who showered them with barrel bombs in the guise of “fighting terrorism.”

They probably won’t forget the fake Muslim cults who tried to turn them into sex slaves.

But perhaps they will also not forget that in the darkness of the war in Syria there were also those who showered them with love.

Don’t ever believe those who try to tell you that there is only evil in the world. There is always light to be found in the darkness of war.

We just have to see it.

Click here to watch the video clip

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