Recently I put up a post mentioning how Allah made all the dreams I saw in prison come true. A lot of you asked me to share some of these dreams so here goes…

When I was in solitary confinement for two years in an American prison I saw a recurring dream. At the time I was being subjected to a full strip search and shackled every time I left my cell.

Even in the locked shower cubicle shackles remained on my ankles which began to chafe my Achilles tendons with time.

I dreamed that I was flying.

Flying over the clouds, through the valleys, among the trees… I yearned to be free. At the time I was seeing these dreams I never knew if, or when, I might taste freedom again.

Here are two recent photographs of me, well not quite flying, but on a zipwire high in the air. Flying through the trees, just like my dreams.

A rope is holding me up in the photos but you cannot see who is holding the rope.

Whenever you go through challenges in life and you can’t imagine how you will get through them, never forget that Allah will always have hold of you.

Just don’t let go of His Rope and He will always have your back.

My story:

Have you had a dream that came true? Why don’t you share it below?

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