In August 2012, two months before I was extradited to the US, I saw a dream. I made a note of it in my diary.

I saw that I was alone in an American prison bus. The bus came out of these huge black prison gates and then stopped.

I got out of the bus but for some reason I waited there instead of going on my way.

Minutes later another bus came through those same gates. There was one man in that bus. It was Shaker. He came out of the bus, I hugged him and I cried.

At the time I saw this dream I did not know when, or if, I or Shaker would ever leave prison alive, let alone whether we would ever meet each other again.

My interpretation of this dream was that I would be released from prison first, and Shaker would be released very soon after me.

By the Grace of Allah, in July 2015, three years after Allah showed me this dream, I was released and returned to my family. Three months after I came home, Shaker was released in October 2015.

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

My story:

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