Here I am standing next to a worker at The Grill Factory HMC in Shadwell, east London, at the end of a tiring but thrilling weekend selling honey at the London Halal Food Festival.

The weekend was a success thanks to Allah first and then to the East London duo who helped me all weekend.

They refused to take a penny or even a drop of honey for it and then treated me to a superb meal at this restaurant afterwards.

Thank you to all of you who came to the stall. More than honey, for me the highlight of the weekend was meeting those of you who wrote to me or supported me when I was in prison and those of you who follow my posts.

I met an old friend after some 15 years. He told me that many years ago when I was still in prison he saw me in a dream.

He saw that he was meeting me at a large event which was attended by thousands of people.

At the time neither of us knew if or when we would ever meet again. But we did meet again and his dream came true this weekend.

Dreams are a wonderful means of Allah reminding us that whatever we are going through, He is there and things will always somehow work out in the end.

So don’t just dream your life. Live your dreams.

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