There was once a man who was infatuated with a woman.

He so desperately wanted this woman for himself that he went to a magician and asked him to do some black magic through which he could get her.

The magician told him that for the magic to work on him, he should not do any good deeds, not one good deed, for 40 days.

The magician explained that his magic would only have an effect on the worst of people, who have no iman (faith).

So the man went away and for 40 days he went wild. He committed every sin that he could think of and he was careful not to do a single good deed.

After 40 days he returned to the magician.

The magician tried his magic but… alas, the magic did not work.

“Did you do any good deeds during these 40 days?” the magician asked him.

“No, by Allah I didn’t do a single good deed, not one,” the man replied.

“Sit down and think. You must have done something,” the magician told him, “because the magic is not working.”

The man sat down and thought and thought and thought. Until he remembered something:

“One day I was walking along a path where I saw a sharp stone. So I kicked it out of the way lest it harm other people,” the man said.

“Ah, that’s it. I knew there was something,” the magician told him.

“But woe be to you, what an ungrateful man you are. Your Lord saved your iman (faith) on the account of a single stone, yet you are still insistent on disobeying Him?!”

Suddenly, a deep sense of shame overcame the man. And he returned home and repented and turned back to Allah.

So the moral of the story is that if you are a sinner, then Allah is always happy to have you back no matter what you might have done.

And if you are a sinner, never belittle any good deed, however small, because that one small deed might be the cause of your salvation.

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