It is reported by Shamsudeen bin  Al-Jazari that once the Prophet Moses (pbuh) asked Allah, “O Allah! Who will be my companion in Paradise?”

So Allah revealed to him that a butcher will be his companion in Paradise.

Moses (pbuh) was shocked. A butcher?! He thought to himself. Not a scholar, not a worshipper, not a mujahid but… a butcher??

Moses (pbuh) was intrigued and wanted to find out what was so special about this butcher so Allah directed him to a shop in the community.

He went and there he found a young butcher working and serving his customers.

Moses (pbuh) stayed with the butcher until the end of the day. The butcher closed his shop, put some meat in a small bag and then began to walk home.

Moses (pbuh) asked the butcher if he might accompany him and the butcher agreed.

The butcher arrived home. Lying on a bed in his home, Moses (pbuh) saw that there was an elderly, disabled woman.

The butcher went to the kitchen and put the meat to cook. While the meat was cooking, he washed this old woman’s face, changed her clothes and combed her hair.

He then brought the food that he had cooked and fed it to this woman with his own hand, piece by piece, until she was full.

He then gave her water to drink with his own hand until she was satisfied.

The butcher then lifted the woman back onto her bed. As he did so, she whispered something in his ear whereupon the man began to smile.

Moses (pbuh) asked the man, “Who is this woman and what did she say to you that made you smile?”

The butcher replied, “This woman is my mother. Whenever I do something for her, she says to me,

‘My son, may Allah never cause your efforts with me to pass unrewarded and He make you the companion of Moses, son of Imran, in Paradise.'”

I have never seen any successful man except that he is or was kind to his parents, especially his mother.

Or, put another way, I have not seen anyone successful in piety, character, business, career, family, children… who was unkind to his parents.

There is a man in my community, an ordinary man. He is not a scholar or an imam.

Judging by his appearance he is not someone whom others would consider a devout or “religious” man.

Yet despite coming from humble means this man has been successful in his life. His adult children today are leaders in the community.

Not only are they of good character, but they are married to good people and are successful financially and otherwise in their fields of work.

They spread good in the community by calling people to Allah and they are held in high esteem.

What is the secret behind the success of this humble man?

For many years he kept his elderly mother in his house until she died not so long ago. Shortly before her death, my mother went to visit her in hospital.

On her deathbed, the dying lady said to my mother, “I have three sons but no-one has looked after me like this son of mine.”

Sometimes, wives find it frustrating when a husband is too kind to his mother. However, they should not forget that a man who is kind to his mother will probably also be kind to his wife, especially when his mother is no longer alive.

But kindness to one’s mother should not come at the price of oppressing one’s wife.

More often than not, mothers-in-law try to retain their supremacy in the family by turning their sons against their wives whether using guilt or other means.

A mother who claims to love her son could never wish his misery by destroying his marriage and family.

And a man who sincerely serves his mother in order to please Allah could never persecute his wife to “please” his mother.

So, returning to the subject…

Many of the learned scholars of the past used to consider that being kind to one’s mother was one of the best deeds to strengthening or rectifying one’s relationship with Allah.

Once a man came to Abdullah bin Abbas (ra), the learned Companion of the Prophet (ss) and said,

“I proposed to a woman but she rejected me. Then another man proposed to her and she accepted. So I became enraged and I killed that man. Now I am overcome with regret and despair and I don’t know what to do to redeem myself.”

Abdullah bin Abbas (ra) asked this man, “Is your mother still alive?”

The man replied that she was not. So Abdullah bin Abbas (ra) told him to give some sadaqah (charity) until Allah forgave him and put his heart at rest.

After the man went away, the students of Ibn Abbas (ra) asked him why he asked the man whether his mother was still alive.

The students could not understand the relevance of his mother in the whole matter. So Abdullah bin Abbas (ra) replied,

“Because I know of no good deed that gains the Pleasure of Allah than being kind to one’s mother.”

So this is the way to success in life. To be kind to one’s mother. If she is not alive, then to one’s father. If both are dead, then to their brothers or sisters…

If you want to marry a righteous person and have a happily married life, be kind to your mother.

If you want your business to be successful, live in a big home and drive a fast car, be kind to your mother.

If you want your children to be righteous and successful, be kind to your mother.

If you want to prosper in your career, be kind to your mother.

If you are drowning in debt or worry or sin or despair, or if you are facing any insurmountable obstacles in your life, education, marriage, career or business… be kind to your mother.

And if you want to get to Paradise quickly, be kind to your mother.

Iyas bin Muawiyah was a famous Islamic scholar from the second generation of Muslims after the Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions.

When his mother died, he cried. Whereupon the people asked him, “Why do you cry?”

So he replied, “I used to have two gates open to Paradise. Now one of them is closed.”

Do you know a successful person who is kind to his or her mother? Why don’t you share your experiences below?

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