The other day a relative of mine was walking down the street near her house when there in front of her on the ground were three £20 notes.

She picked them up and looked around to see if someone was acting as if they had just lost something. There was no-one.

As she walked home she prayed to Allah:

“O Allah! I don’t know to whom this money belongs. So please help me find its owner, especially if it belongs to a good person.

Otherwise I will donate the money to a charity tonight so please accept it on behalf of that person.”

When she returned home she mentioned it to her family.

Now, earlier that morning a Quran teacher had come to teach her children. He left an hour ago. She asked her husband whether he had paid the Quran teacher that morning.

He replied, “Yes, his fees were due for a few weeks so I gave him £60 in three £20 notes.”

She texted the teacher and asked whether he had lost any money. The teacher checked his coat pocket and lo and behold, the three £20 notes were missing.

The teacher would travel a long distance by bus and the lost notes were found near the bus stop.

As he had put his hand in his pocket to get his travel card out, the three £20 notes must have fallen on the floor.

But since this money was earned by halal, lawful means by a good person teaching the Book of Allah to others, Allah returned it to him.

The moral of the story is that whenever you earn money by lawful means and without stealing, cheating or defrauding anyone then Allah will protect it and bless it for you.

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