Today, the 27th night of Ramadan, is the second anniversary of my release from 11 years in prison by the grace of Allah.

In this exclusive special radio interview I tell Mark Dowd about how it was to spend Ramadan in prison, a topic I have never spoken about before.

I describe how one Ramadan in 2009 I had a unique spiritual experience in which my prison cell was filled with a scent.

I narrate how a bird came to visit me in prison.

And I talk about the actual moment I came home to my family two years ago tonight, on the 27th night of Ramadan.

More importantly I describe how I found hope at my lowest point and how, with the grace of Allah, I survived my ordeal without any anger, bitterness and hatred.

At a time when the UK is going through a difficult time with the terrorist attacks and Grenfell Tower fire, I hope that listeners will find some hope and inspiration in my interview, that we can and will survive this.

Please share and give me your feedback on my social media pages. And don’t forget me in your prayers tonight.

Babar Ahmad

Listen to the full interview here.