Especially for those of us in Britain.

Fasting for 19 hours a day in 34C heat. Women are the winners here, fasting and going outdoors in the heat while wearing hijab.

I just about managed the fasting with a few hairs on my bald head. If I was wearing a hijab too, I don’t think I would have survived. Respect.

There was the London Bridge attack, in which many of our defenceless neighbours were killed by those in our community who have lost their way. May Allah guide them and open their hearts.

Then the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower which claimed the lives of many in our community and many of our friends and neighbours.

Heroes were made that night. Some of them lived, some died.

There were the three siblings, bride-to-be Husna, and her brothers Hanif and Hamid who chose to burn to death with their elderly parents rather than escape and abandon them.

“We are going to a better place,” were their last words to relatives frantically urging them to escape.

There were the few young men from Tower Hamlets who rushed across London while fasting, just to give water and blankets to the victims.

There were the thousands of others who donated items, opened their homes and wallets and rushed to the aid of the victims.

And then there was the Finsbury Park attack which proved that while Islamophobia does exist in Britain, it does not pose an existential threat to Britain’s Muslims. We will survive this.

Many of those who were with us at the start of Ramadan are no longer with us. Those no longer with us are in a better place than us. May Allah have mercy on them.

Our community is not perfect. Yes, we have our challenges and problems. But if there is one thing this Ramadan has proved, it’s that we are the best community on earth.

And for that alone we all deserve this Eid moreso than other Eids.

While in prison I spent five Eids alone in complete solitary confinement. But on every single one of those Eids, I made sure it was a great and happy day for me.

So whatever our circumstances, let us enjoy Eid. We deserve it.

Eid Mubarak everyone.

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