BREAKING NEWS!! I have just discovered a new type of sag.

For those unenlightened souls among you, sagging is the art of wearing your trousers/pants so low on your hips that they defy the laws of gravity.

The epic new discovery was made during Friday prayers the other day at my local mosque in Tooting, south London.

As I was listening to the sermon, my eyes caught sight of a label on which was written in large capital letters, “BATMAN.”

I allowed my eyes to investigate further. It was a young man a few rows ahead of me, sitting and listening to the sermon.

He was sagging. This meant that there was a large visible gap between his top and bottom(s).

And peaking out of that gap were his underpants, with the word “BATMAN” written across them.

OK I confess that I am a fan of Batman (the superhero, not the underpants) but even I am not bold enough to display my love of Batman in such a brazen manner at Friday prayers.

So in honour of this epic discovery I have decided to name this…The Batman Sag.

So if you are 25 and still wearing Batman underpants then God help you… because Batman won’t.

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